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GG X Thin Mint

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GG x Thin Mint Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Indica Dom







8 - 10 Wks


Grow Difficulty

GG x Thin Mint is possibly one of the most impressive cannabis strains on the scene, often described as a superhero of a strain due to its stellar genetics. The final product is a tasty and powerful plant that offers some amazing yields of chunky sticky buds. It is a popular choice among both recreational and medical users alike.

GG x Thin Mint is the stunning indica-dominant result of crossing the popular superstar strains Gorilla Glue and Original Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, strains that have rocked the cannabis world for their phenomenal qualities.

Growers should expect to see some extensive side branching and bumper yields from GG x Thin Mint, full of enormous THC-laden buds, with SCRoG methods often producing the best results.

These girls can grow tall, bursting full of bright neon green buds among dark olive leaves. The stunning fiery orange pistils and sparkly resin crystals add an extra bit of beauty to these gorgeous plants. GG x Thin Mint brings the traits of its parents by offering a deliciously nutty aroma and complex tastes that have notes of diesel and lime with a sour undertone, all in all delivering a very special package of flavor and scent.

15 - 26%


0.23 - 0.64%


Indica Dom Hybrid


15 - 26%

Indoor Harvest

0.23 - 0.64%

Outdoor Harvest



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