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Old Man Socks

Old Man Socks


Old Man Socks Feminized Marijuana Seeds by Sensible Seeds Premium Selection: Old Man Socks is a Cheese variety that originated from the Brit Rave scene in the late 80's. Some say it was noticed that the smell was almost as strong as their sweaty cheesy socks and hence the name was born.


Great when grown indoors or out though be warned... this is not for the guerrilla grower! The plants are tall and the stench is so strong your neighbours will smell it. Double your air extraction filters on this one for sure!  On the plus side it is mould resistant and easy to grow, and you will be rewarded with large, rock hard buds, glistening with THC crystals.


The taste and dense aroma is what makes this strain one of the most popular in the cannabis world. A pungent cheese that reeks is so strong it has to be experienced to be believed.


Still one of the best sellers out there.... A classic Old Skool skunk strain!

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