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Embark on a journey of horticultural excellence with our meticulously crafted fertilizers, tailored to elevate every stage of your plant's life cycle. From the nurturing embrace of the Grow Stage to the steadfast care of the Maintenance Stage, and finally, the awe-inspiring Bloom Stage – our premium fertilizers are your companions in cultivating flourishing gardens, bountiful vegetables, and vibrant cannabis plants.


Maintenance Craft Tonic

Made For

Gardeners + Farmers

Part Fertiliser

1:100 / 10ml:1L


Dilution Required

Growth Stage


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Unleash the potential of your green endeavors with our specially formulated fertilizers, precisely designed to meet the unique needs of each growth phase. Nurture robust roots, resilient stems, and lush foliage during the Grow Stage. Transition seamlessly into the Maintenance Stage, where our products provide the essential nutrients for sustained health and vitality. And as your garden transforms into a breathtaking spectacle during the Bloom Stage, our fertilizers accentuate the blooming process, ensuring a harvest that exceeds expectations.


Whether you're cultivating vegetables, ornamental plants, or cannabis, our fertilizers are the secret ingredient for a garden that thrives at every turn. Elevate your gardening experience – because every stage deserves perfection.

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